Cigars and Farm Trucks Don’t Mix

Most of my stories on farm trucks are about “Old Brown“, the 1977 Ford farm truck that never died…just had its parts replaced, one piece at a time.  Today’s tale also includes a bonus segment on one of Old Brown’s companions in the shed. One fine day, Dad’s errand list included a trip to the implement dealer for … More Cigars and Farm Trucks Don’t Mix

The Old Red Truck

I think everyone has a favorite memory of time spent with their dad. Since this is a farm blog, and it is Father’s Day, I am going to focus this post on some special memories of time spent with my Dad. Before we had grain carts and stock trailers, there was the old red truck. … More The Old Red Truck

One Piece At a Time

Johnny Cash once sang about a quest to acquire a cheap car by “accumulating” parts over many years. He snuck parts out of the factory in his lunchbox and when he had enough, fit them together like a 3-D jigsaw puzzle without a picture on the box. With the help of his buddies and some … More One Piece At a Time