Farm Wife Survival Guide

All of the stuff every farm wife needs to know…

The Bull in the Window What happens when a bull sees his reflection in the patio door?

Why a John Deere Girl Should Never Drive a Red Tractor Don’t cross over to the dark side!

Top 10 Things You Will Never Hear a Farmer Say

You Might Be a Farm Wife If…. Sure signs that you are one of the “Real Farm Wives Of America”

Going for Parts An inevitable part of being a farm wife is being asked to “go for parts”. This chore makes many farm wives nervous, but read to the end to find a way  you can get even.

Getting Ready For the Snowstorm When the weatherman says “blizzard”, it is time for this farm wife to swing into action.

Farm Wife Valentine Gifts – not just flowers and chocolate!

Conspiracy Theory – When Mom doesn’t want more roosters….

Roofs and Trees and Tornadoes–Oh My! Two things a farm wife can always count on: bad weather and great neighbors.

Farm Glossary What is an auction? Eclectic fence? Gate? (and more!)

Of Tomatoes and Cukes The struggle each spring to hold the line and plant a small garden

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