Blizzard February 2, 2016

We spent a lot of time last night bringing the cows home from their winter corn stalks and getting hay bales set out for them. Why? Because of winter storm “Kayla”, which was predicted to bring 8-12″ of snow along with 40 mph winds to our little corner of the world. Livestock can handle harsh weather … More Blizzard February 2, 2016

Happy February 81!

Another day, another blizzard…at least it feels that way here in Nebraska… I bet all those geese that made the migration are wondering why they left the tropics so soon.   Even puppy prefers to sit on the deck and wonder about the strange weather.   The irises are bravely following the calendar instead of … More Happy February 81!

Random Photos: Sleeping Puppy, Cows and Snow, Football Fans

Our puppy loves to nap on the front porch. Most of the time she sleeps on the rug. Recently she decided to surplant the kitties from their favorite nap spot. We had our first snow of the year recently. I do not care for winter or snow, but I greatly appreciated any precipitation in this … More Random Photos: Sleeping Puppy, Cows and Snow, Football Fans