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Sure Signs of Spring…Or Not

Dear Jill, LOL JK Love, Mother Nature Advertisements

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Sure Signs of Spring?

Mother Nature hasn’t made up her mind here at the ranch. Winter, spring, winter, spring? Just when it seems like winter is finally loosening its grip, another icy blast moves into the area. The past two days have brought encouraging … Continue reading

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Oh Christmas Tree: The Prologue

In my last post, I talked about the search for the perfect Christmas tree gone horribly awry. We had to remove the giant tree from the house, but it did not go to waste. The ranch sons set it up … Continue reading

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Blizzard February 2, 2016

We spent a lot of time last night bringing the cows home from their winter corn stalks and getting hay bales set out for them. Why? Because of winter storm “Kayla”, which was predicted to bring 8-12″ of snow along … Continue reading

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What Does a Farm Dog Do All Day?

Farm dogs are always on duty. At least, our farm dog thinks she is. One day, after a layer of new snow, I looked out the window over the backyard. This panorama (click to make it larger) shows the enthusiasm our loyal … Continue reading

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The Cows Came Home

All winter, the cows have been out on cornstalks. For those unfamiliar with Nebraska, cornstalks are what is leftover after a combine harvests the grain from a cornfield. The leaves and husks are good feed for cows. Of course, the … Continue reading

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Happy February 81!

Another day, another blizzard…at least it feels that way here in Nebraska… I bet all those geese that made the migration are wondering why they left the tropics so soon.   Even puppy prefers to sit on the deck and … Continue reading

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