Beat the Heat! 360 Degree Video Walking in the Snow

I asked for and received a 360 video camera last Christmas. Of course, I had to test it out and placed it on my monopod and carried it across the area that separates our house from the cattle pens. Loyal farm dog, of course, had to come along. It took me several tries to get … More Beat the Heat! 360 Degree Video Walking in the Snow

The Cows Came Home

All winter, the cows have been out on cornstalks. For those unfamiliar with Nebraska, cornstalks are what is leftover after a combine harvests the grain from a cornfield. The leaves and husks are good feed for cows. Of course, the combine never gets 100% of the corn , so the cows spend their first few … More The Cows Came Home

Happy February 81!

Another day, another blizzard…at least it feels that way here in Nebraska… I bet all those geese that made the migration are wondering why they left the tropics so soon.   Even puppy prefers to sit on the deck and wonder about the strange weather.   The irises are bravely following the calendar instead of … More Happy February 81!