From the Fence Post

A corner post in a fence near my in-laws house in Minnesota

Why did I call this blog the “Fence Post Diaries”? Because that is the place I invariably pause to take a look around our ‘lil patch of paradise. I love walking around and looking over the pasutres. I don’t get to do it as often as I wish anymore (three kids will do that), but I still try to do a walkabout once in a while.

I have several fence posts marked. They served at tripods for photos when we

first bought this land. I continue to visit those posts and take pictures every now and then.  We like to compare the pictures over time to see how we’re changing (hopefully improving) our pastures and fields.

Those fence posts are a lot like memories, they mark important spots that you want to be able to revisit. The give you point to remember how things were, what they are like now, and give you a chance to imagine the future. This blog is my way of sharing those “fence posts” from my life growing up and now raising children on a farm.

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