T  is for “thanks” to farmers for the food we eat
H  is for “health”, a gift so sweet
A  is for “anxious” to see family
N  is for “napkin”, I might need three
K  is for “kids”, my greatest treasure
S is for “Savior”, grace beyond measure
G is for “grateful” for those around me
I  is for “idle”, watching football on TV
V is for “very”, so full it hurts
I is for “icing” on my dessert
N is for “nap” as we digest our food
G is for “God” give thanks-he is good

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. Don’t forget to thank a farmer! Most of them had to go to work today, feeding animals, tending drying bins, checking fences, or doing so many other jobs. Without their hard work, Thanksgiving would not be the same.

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