A Tale Of a Three-Legged Cat

a three year old boy holding his favorite kittenOnce upon a time, a kitten was born on a farm. The tabby was much bigger than his litter mates and was soon named “Big Kitten” by a three year old boy.

Big Kitten was the boy’s favorite. He would carry the kitten around like a flour sack. The kitten’s front legs hung over the boy’s arm and his hind legs dangled with no support. Big Kitten did not seem to mind.

Sometimes, the boy would sit in the grass with Big Kitten and tell stories. He would move the kitten’s legs and tail and head to act out the stories. The kitten was very patient and never hissed, clawed, or scratched the boy.

Big Kitten eventually grew into a big tom cat. Even then, he was still the favorite and would sit and nap in the boy’s lap. Even when the cat could run away, he did not. The boy loved to talk to the cat and listen to him purr. Because of his large size, Big Kitten was re-named “Monster”.

One day, when the boy went outside, he found Monster laying on the front porch. To the boy’s dismay, one of the cat’s front legs was a mangled mess. Even though he was in a lot of pain, Monster let his people carry him and check his injuries without growling once.

Monster quietly rode to the vet with his people. He never growled or hissed at the vet while his leg was being examined. Monster also became a favorite of the vet clinic staff. He purred and enjoyed the attention when being fed or examined.

The leg was not salvageable. It was amputated and Monster had to learn how to be a three-legged cat. His people gladly paid the large bill because of the happiness he brought to their boy.

Monster lived happily ever after.
At least, he better. He is too expensive to prorate over the short lifespan of the typical farm cat.

a three legged cat sitting on a retaining wall yawning

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