If at First You Don’t Succeed…Get it Stuck Again

Remember my post from a few weeks ago, 50 Shades of Stuck? Well, Son 1 was at it again last night.

I could be mad at him for getting stuck again, but I’m not.

This time, he chose a much better spot to try and cross our small creek. He was trying to be helpful and take his little brother out to the pasture to catch a calf we suspect is not being cared for by the mother cow.

He examined a few different potential crossing spots, came up with a plan and gave it a try. He almost made it across. His only real error this time was in trying this plan a few days after we got nearly three inches of rain. All of the grass growing in the waterway disguised how much water was really down there.

He owned the mistake. He walked out to the pasture to try and catch the calf before dark and then asked for help in pushing the ATV out of the mud. It came out right away.

When you examine the stories of people who succeed in life, they are filled with overcoming obstacles and pushing through difficulties. They usually try over and over to achieve something others think they can’t, or trying approaches others think they shouldn’t.

As Son 1 will soon be headed off to college and out into the big wide world, I’m glad to see that he is willing to push boundaries, learn from mistakes, take responsibility to fix them, and keep trying to do difficult things.

I just hope his future co-workers are good at helping get things out of the mud.

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