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The Calf and the Well Pit

Imagine, if you will, a spring weekend in Nebraska. The birds are singing, calves are playing, and this Mom had 30 hours home alone. Such was a recent weekend here on the ranch. Hubby and sons went to visit family in … Continue reading

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Winter Storm Preparations – Ranch Style

Things work a little differently when prepping for a storm out in the country Continue reading

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My New Workout: The Catwalk

Out here in rural America, “working out” is different than large cities. There is no need to go to a gym when there is a pile of fence posts that needs to be sorted and stacked. There is no need … Continue reading

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I Cannot Have Nice Horticultural Things

Landscaping on the Great Plains is a losing proposition from the get-go.  It does not help that I am not very good at gardening. It is even worse with pets and livestock. When we first built the ranch house, we … Continue reading

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Doing Things Differently

There is always that one sibling that insists on doing things differently. This is our litter of kittens from summer-2014. The backwards kitten (“Kit”) is a unique personality. Since this picture was taken, she survived a 10-day solo excursion into … Continue reading

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What Does a Farm Dog Do All Day?

Farm dogs are always on duty. At least, our farm dog thinks she is. One day, after a layer of new snow, I looked out the window over the backyard. This panorama (click to make it larger) shows the enthusiasm our loyal … Continue reading

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Cigars and Farm Trucks Don’t Mix

Most of my stories on farm trucks are about “Old Brown“, the 1977 Ford farm truck that never died…just had its parts replaced, one piece at a time.  Today’s tale also includes a bonus segment on one of Old Brown’s companions in … Continue reading

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