$@!% Farm Moms Say

The unique challenges of raising children on a farm or ranch include some strange sentences–ones that I am sure are uttered by no other women than farm moms… -You cannot show a baby raccoon at the county fair. -Take it back outside. -No really, I don’t think the extension office will add a raccoon class. Take it … More $@!% Farm Moms Say

The Cows Came Home

All winter, the cows have been out on cornstalks. For those unfamiliar with Nebraska, cornstalks are what is leftover after a combine harvests the grain from a cornfield. The leaves and husks are good feed for cows. Of course, the combine never gets 100% of the corn , so the cows spend their first few … More The Cows Came Home

A Wild Tank Chase

How far can the Nebraska wind blow an 11 foot tall, bright yellow, 3000 gallon capacity, 400 lb plastic tank? Read on to find out…. It has been windy around here lately. Like, 40-mph-sustained-winds, take-down-the- basketball-hoop, look-at-the-semi-truck-tipped-over-in-the-ditch kind of windy. We are used to wind (remember our tornado experience a couple years ago…) so we … More A Wild Tank Chase

Damn, It Is Cold

Weatherman adjusts his specs Tells us about the “polar vortex” Hope he soon lifts this hex Damn, it is cold Cattle water is solidly froze They push on it with their nose For a new heater the rancher goes Damn, it is cold Cannot stay inside Animals must be spied Water, feed, care supplied Especially … More Damn, It Is Cold

All I Really Need to Know, I Learned From a Horse

There is no greater relief than a good scratch where it is needed. Standing under the apple tree will probably score some treats, but the chances for bump on the head are also high. Your true friends will always help out, even standing head-to-tail during fly season. There are gopher holes in every pasture. Watch … More All I Really Need to Know, I Learned From a Horse