All I Really Need to Know, I Learned From a Horse

There is no greater relief than a good scratch where it is needed.

Standing under the apple tree will probably score some treats, but the chances for bump on the head are also high.

Your true friends will always help out, even standing head-to-tail during fly season.

There are gopher holes in every pasture. Watch for them, but don’t let that stop you from a run through the grass.

Napping on your feet does have its advantages.

Life is not like a Budweiser commercial. Get over it.

When trouble is nipping at your heels, you can kick or you can run. Being decisive might give you time for both.

Is it any wonder why sugar cubes get better results than spurs?

When you spook at imaginary squirrels around every corner, you generally get left behind on the next trail ride.

The Kentucky Derby winner will be remembered for a while, but if you are important to a child, you will be legendary.

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