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What Were They Thinking? A Mom Guesses What’s In the Minds of Her Sons

I have previously written about some of the knowledge gained while raising my three sons. Here, here, and here. As a mother of boys, I frequently come across situations where I wonder, “What were they thinking?!?” Here are some scenes I … Continue reading

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Oh Christmas Tree…

The quest for the perfect Christmas tree is fairly universal. The definition of “perfect” differs from person to person. In our house you will find “straight”, “cheap”, and “big” as preferred adjectives. Each of those words comes from a different person, … Continue reading

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My New Workout: The Catwalk

Out here in rural America, “working out” is different than large cities. There is no need to go to a gym when there is a pile of fence posts that needs to be sorted and stacked. There is no need … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to a Malfunctioning Fitness Tracker

Dear step counter/fitness tracker: We had a deal. Every day I am supposed to drag my sorry carcass out for exercise. You are supposed to whistle, beep, and send me shiny icons and provide motivation to continue doing that. Most … Continue reading

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Blizzard February 2, 2016

We spent a lot of time last night bringing the cows home from their winter corn stalks and getting hay bales set out for them. Why? Because of winter storm “Kayla”, which was predicted to bring 8-12″ of snow along … Continue reading

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Avian Influenza, Toy Chickens, and County Fairs

You may, or may not, be aware that Nebraska is among the many states that was affected by the highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI). Nationwide, around 47 million birds (chickens and turkeys) died or had to be euthanized because of … Continue reading

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Garden Update: Invasion Of the Pumpkins

My garden tendencies are a matter of public record on this blog. Too much. Too close. Great ideas gone awry (not posted in previous stories to protect the innocent). I tried to behave this year. I actually planted those tiny seeds … Continue reading

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