What Were They Thinking? A Mom Guesses What’s In the Minds of Her Sons

I have previously written about some of the knowledge gained while raising my three sons. Here, here, and here.

As a mother of boys, I frequently come across situations where I wonder, “What were they thinking?!?” Here are some scenes I recently came across at home and my best guess as to what was in the minds of my sons at the time they did each of these things.

“What a great place to keep the vacuum! Next time Mom tells me the carpet is dirty, I can just vacuum my way back up the steps. The time after that…”

“Behold!! I have created the world’s first sock Mobius strip.”

“I am just going to have to get this out again tomorrow morning anyway.”

“We will make sure littlest brother is the last one to warm up his leftover spaghetti and Mom will blame him for not covering it.”

So, do you have any different interpretations that might come from the brains of boys for any of these?

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