When Farm Boys Get Bored

Here is a game my sons invented. If this “game” gives me a preview of what they will be like when they get behind the wheel of a car–I am in trouble.

Our house is built into the side of a hill so the side yard has a fair bit of slope from the driveway down to the pasture fence. This slope is used for all sorts of winter fun with sleds and snowboards and it is the source of grumbling during baseball practice.

The objective of this game is to push the wagon, and its occupant, down the hill at high speed. The rider has to steer the wagon to avoid the rosebush, and other obstacles, but still has to try and grab the blue ball.

I am not sure if my decision to video tape them rather than yell at them means that I am a horrible mother or that I have finally accepted my life with boys. The boys are now asking for a go cart. At least the go cart has a roll cage and seat belts….

4 thoughts on “When Farm Boys Get Bored

  1. Love it, growing up country has so many advantages, like imagination and growing up tough, skinned knee no problem, get a little dirty, great, building the immune system. What fun, I used to do the same thing with a skateboard rope and a bike, all without helmets or pads.

    1. I know! I’m surprised I survived my childhood with all of the hay bale tunnels, jumping off of sheds, and climbing trees…

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