Family Traditions (a.k.a. the Lawn Burned Again)

Most families have traditions, whether they realize it or not. Ours seems to have developed the ignoble tradition of setting the lawn on fire. I am happy to report that the most recent fire occurred while I was off the premises. All the household males were solely responsible for this blaze. It was a normal day. … More Family Traditions (a.k.a. the Lawn Burned Again)

File Not Found 404

We live in the information age. Now, I know why ignorance is bliss. I have information coming out of my ears (figuratively, not literally), but the hard part is not acquiring the bits and pieces of information. It is organizing them.Computer hard drives are larger than ever. Mine is perpetually full. So I started using … More File Not Found 404

Weedin’ [To the Tune of Rawhide]

Pullin’ pullin’ pullin’ Pullin’ pullin’ pullin’ Pullin’ pullin’ pullin’ Pullin’ pullin’ pullin’ Weedin’! Keep mowin’ mowin’ mowin’ Though they just keep growin’ Keep them trimmers goin’. Weedin’! Don’t try to ignore ’em Just hoe and pull and pile ’em Soon we’ll be eatin’ cukes and snap beans. My family is salivatin’ For zucchini they are waitin’, all … More Weedin’ [To the Tune of Rawhide]

$@!% Farm Moms Say

The unique challenges of raising children on a farm or ranch include some strange sentences–ones that I am sure are uttered by no other women than farm moms… -You cannot show a baby raccoon at the county fair. -Take it back outside. -No really, I don’t think the extension office will add a raccoon class. Take it … More $@!% Farm Moms Say