Damn, It Is Cold

International 1086 tractor sitting in snow on the drivewayWeatherman adjusts his specs
Tells us about the “polar vortex”
Hope he soon lifts this hex
Damn, it is cold

Cattle water is solidly froze
They push on it with their nose
For a new heater the rancher goes
Damn, it is cold

Cannot stay inside
Animals must be spied
Water, feed, care supplied
Especially when it is damn cold

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAChapped skin, snotty nose
Out for chores everyone goes
Come back in for hot cocoa
Damn, it is cold

Chickens snuggled in new hay
Need to keep frostbite away
Cannot wait for warmer days
Damn, it is cold

Look out at the snow
The sun barely glows
But love my little abode
Even when it is damn cold

5 thoughts on “Damn, It Is Cold

  1. Oh, this was perfect! But we ag people will carry on as always. Love our animals, love our lives.

    Thanks, Jill.

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