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Winter Storm Preparations – Ranch Style

Things work a little differently when prepping for a storm out in the country Continue reading

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A Wild Tank Chase

How far can the Nebraska wind blow an 11 foot tall, bright yellow, 3000 gallon capacity, 400 lb plastic tank? Read on to find out…. It has been windy around here lately. Like, 40-mph-sustained-winds, take-down-the- basketball-hoop, look-at-the-semi-truck-tipped-over-in-the-ditch kind of windy. … Continue reading

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Damn, It Is Cold

Weatherman adjusts his specs Tells us about the “polar vortex” Hope he soon lifts this hex Damn, it is cold Cattle water is solidly froze They push on it with their nose For a new heater the rancher goes Damn, … Continue reading

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Getting Ready For the Snowstorm

A large weather system is on its way to the Great Plains. In a day and a half we are predicted to get anywhere between 12 and 20 inches of snow, depending on which weather station we consult. Of course, … Continue reading

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His Name is Donkey

“His name is Donkey, and he likes to have his ears scratched” is not the normal introduction farm kids receive when Dad unloads a new bull. Donkey was not a normal bull. Treating a bull like a pet is not … Continue reading

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