The Visitor “Bald Eagle”

Here is a picture of a visitor to our little ranch a couple days ago. The tree he/she is sitting in is about a 100 yards away between the house and our livestock pens. While I was outside taking pictures, it was eerily quiet. Our normally noisy roosters were completely silent while that eagle was … More The Visitor “Bald Eagle”

Photo Friday October 26, 2012 “Seal & Icebergs”

This was taken on a tour of the Tracy Arm Fjord in southeast Alaska. These seals live on the icebergs calved from the Sawyer glacier during the summer months. Despite the large number of people with cameras standing on the boat drifting toward them, these seals seem intent on remaining on their perch until the … More Photo Friday October 26, 2012 “Seal & Icebergs”