Goose Migration 2013

Some noisy flyovers and noisy field-guests in our area means one thing…the goose migration is in full swing.





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I grew up on a diversified dairy farm in southeast South Dakota where I learned how to throw a hay bale, pull a calf, deal with death, and "name" the cows. I was in 4H and FFA, and was privileged to serve as a state FFA officer. In college, I studied animal science, focusing on beef cows, mostly because I figured they were less work than dairy cows....I ended up with a Masters Degree in ruminant nutrition and went to work for the University of Nebraska, first as a research tech coordinating data collection for a swine unit and beef feedlot on a research farm and then as an extension educator. In my current job, I focus on environmental issues related to animal agriculture (which is a nice way of saying I talk about manure alot). My husband and I live and work on a seedstock cattle operation in northeast Nebraska. You can learn more about our cattle operation by visiting my husband's blog at
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5 Responses to Goose Migration 2013

  1. Lakes says:

    Nice pics. We get Canada’s here. On the lake behind our house is a Trumpeter Swan nesting area. They fly down the creek honking like mad. And they fly in AFTER dark. Incredible eyesight. I swear they can see me from 400 yds in daylight when I walk out there and they let me know it.
    Interesting fact about our harsh winter this year. The lake was ice free last year on 3/17. Swans and Geese came two days later. First Robin was on the 3/23. This year. 2 feet of ice and more than a foot of snow yet. Looking at the forecast, I don’t expect a melt and ice out until mid-April.
    Last year we had Orioles by then.. I write all this down in a journal.I got that form my Mom I suppose.
    Extremes like that are fairly normal here. It keeps your attention and it sure is beautiful.

  2. Vaila says:

    They were here yesterday. I’d hate to say how many thousands. Such a beautiful sight.
    Our puppy chased and chased in the field, but caught none thank goodness. So funny to watch him run & the geese would fly just far enough away & land again. He finally just sat down and watched them like I did.

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