Australian Adventures Part 1 – Melbourne

I recently returned from a 15 day trip to the state of Victoria in Australia. Wonderful people, food and scenery marked this adventure. The next few blog posts will describe some of the different parts of the journey. Today-Melbourne. I have a very difficult time explaining my job to friends and family–and even co-workers. Suffice … More Australian Adventures Part 1 – Melbourne

Nebraska Dust Storm

Two days ago, we were under a frost advisory. Today I saw a bank clock that read 102 degrees. Needless to say, it was a hot and very dry day in Nebraska. Despite the recent rains we are still in the “extreme drought” category on the drought monitor website. I traveled down to Lincoln today … More Nebraska Dust Storm

Happy February 81!

Another day, another blizzard…at least it feels that way here in Nebraska… I bet all those geese that made the migration are wondering why they left the tropics so soon.   Even puppy prefers to sit on the deck and wonder about the strange weather.   The irises are bravely following the calendar instead of … More Happy February 81!

Random Updates: Winter Storm, Babies In the Basement

I have written in the past about getting ready for a storm and the disappointment when our drought weather pattern resulted in absolutely nothing. I guess I should have been more patient – winter storms are for April, right? What a contrast compared to last year at this time! Sleet, snow, freezing rain, thunder, lightning….really, … More Random Updates: Winter Storm, Babies In the Basement