Random Updates: Winter Storm, Babies In the Basement

I have written in the past about getting ready for a storm and the disappointment when our drought weather pattern resulted in absolutely nothing. I guess I should have been more patient – winter storms are for April, right? What a contrast compared to last year at this time!

Sleet, snow, freezing rain, thunder, lightning….really, this video was taken on April 9 in Nebraska!

This is what I get for being smug about calving in April rather than times of the year when the weather is “bad”…. This baby had to come in and warm up on the heated floor in the basement. Looks like we will be washing hubby’s overalls when calf goes back out to Momma (crossing fingers that Momma takes him back!)

Little calf is not the only baby in the basement. So far these two little cheeps are “Mine” and “Not Yours” and have been claimed by my older two children. Child #3 is anxiously checking the incubator window each day in hopes that he gets a fuzzy little chick soon too.

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