Blog Award Thank You’s

I got into blogging because I would tell stories to friends and family and they kept telling me to write this stuff down–so I did. I also began to discover other interesting blogs. It never occurred to me that there were such things as blogging awards. I am glad to find out about these, because some very nice notes left by a couple of my blog followers recently made my day.

I was nominated for the Illuminating Blogger Award by Husker Cow Girl and a Very Inspiring Blogger Award by Three Cedars Irish Dexters. Both of these blogs are so genuine and interesting, I recommend you check them out. Meghan (Husker Cow Girl) gives a great glimpse into the life of a cattle rancher and makes it interesting for people like me who have cattle, as well as those who are totally new to this kind of life.  Teresa (Three Cedars Irish Dexters) has so many different interests, it is hard to keep up with her. I wish I was as creative as she obviously is.

Thank you very much for nominating me!

A big thanks to Seasonsgirl for nominating me!






Both of these awards have different “rules” but they both go something like this:

The Rules:
-Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you.
-Say a few words of gratitude on your blog and follow the link
-Share a few words about yourself and pass on the award to other bloggers

Now for my Nominations! I am putting 3 nominations under each–although I think all of these blogs are both illuminating and inspiring:

Illuminating Bloggers:

  • Three Quarters Today – Great writing and great photos. I learn a lot from the ‘how to’ parts of this blog. 
  • From My Front Porch – Jennifer’s enthusiasm is contagious. I am especially envious of her ability to convey so much in very few words.
  • Belle Grove Plantation – Awesome virtual tours and well-done historical posts. I guarantee you will learn something in every post.

Very Inspiring Bloggers

  • Sotardalen Nokota Horses – I really miss having a horse around and the more I read this blog, the more serious I get about remedying that!
  • Light Touch – A glimpse into a much bigger world than I will ever get to see otherwise.
  • Leanne Cole Photography – An amazingly talented professional who takes time to visit and encourage wanna-be’s like me. Beautiful photography on every post.

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