The Cows Know It’s Sunday

Each and every day, chores  must be done
Before anyone can leave, for work or for fun
Most days, things go at a leisurely pace
Except on Sundays, to church we must race
The reason for that is strange, but it’s very true
Somewhere, the cows have a calendar too!

Cows are helpful critters—I bet you didn’t know
Planning ways to help so to church we can go
This week their plan will make chores go fast
Get their own feed, if this fence they can get past

Brave Flossie pushes and then takes a leap
Lands on the fence in a big, giant heap
Get up and limp from the cuts and the scrapes
But very proud of her brand new gate!

Some head right for the hay
Others look to help in other ways
Grain shed door left unlatched
No problem, Bossy noses it back

Her idea is really quite fine
To clean up this corn will save lots of time
After the shed is clean so far as they can lick
A few complain they feel rather sick
I guess their plan isn’t coming up roses
They’ve got a good case of acidosis

Up at the house everyone rushing ‘bout
One look out the window—“The cows are out!!!”
Like a drill sergeant with new recruits
Mom barks orders as she grabs her boots

Two kids in pajamas and one in her dress
Run outside to help with the mess
Dad muttering words the kids shouldn’t hear
There’s Queenie, whose calving time is near
Oh, but the fun isn’t done yet
Something’s not right, “Ma, call the vet!”

And don’t forget our faithful pup
Doing his best to round cows up
His training had been neglected, how was he to know
Right where he was standing, is where the cows should go?

The kids were bringing a group up fast
But pup was determined none should get past
Confused cows turned and headed down the drive
Fortunately, that’s when the vet arrived

It must have been quite a shock
The scene that greeted the good Doc
Two kids in pajamas trying to catch the pup
Cows headed his way not slowing up
Now Doc’s not dumb, he’s on the ball
He knows the cows should turn around all

Out of his pickup he jumps with a flair
Yelling and waving his hands in the air
The scene was even more amusing now
Watching Doc “play chicken” with forty-two cows!

Just then Dad started up “Old Brown
The well-worn pickup that never goes to town
And as the old pickup roared and popped
Forty-two cows very suddenly stopped

They meekly turned and headed to their shed
Past experience with the pickup filled their heads
Now Doc earned his money that morn
Helped Queenie so her twins were born

And then the five with acidosis
He prescribed Pepto Bismol in great big doses
For Flossie, who didn’t jump very high,
Her stitches numbered twenty-nine

Mom and kids get cleaned and dressed
Went to church looking their best
Dad takes a deep breath and looks Doc’s way
“I’ll be really glad when it’s Monday”

4 thoughts on “The Cows Know It’s Sunday

    1. Thanks Leslie–Most of this is true, although I do have to admit it didn’t all happen on the same Sunday.

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