An Ode to Farm Boys

Jill’s note:  This “poem” was inspired by my three sons and their infinite curiosity in exploring the natural world in ways that all-too-few children get the opportunity to do . I have to admit that they didn’t actually do ALL of this, some of the poem’s lines come from stories other farm moms have told…

Mom says that outside we must go
I’m not sure why, we may never know
We emptied our boots with a quick tug
It was only a little sand on her rug

It couldn’t be the rocks in our jeans
Which didn’t agree with the washing machine
Each one selected with aaahhs and oooohs
Sure to be treasure, fossils, and jewels

In the garage she found a collection of toads
Already dead, flat from the road
And we snuck in our new pet mouse
Sure that he’d behave in the house

Boys decide to help so she feels better
Garden sprinklers make everything wetter
Pulling weeds went really fine
Luckily they grew in a nice straight line

Littlest brother shouts that he sees
A rabbit behind one of the trees
Off to explore, make forts, and climb
Dad’s tools & ropes disappear over time

Soon at the pasture the troupe does arrive
Dog and three cats following behind
Down to the creek everyone goes
Looking for crayfish, snails & minnows

Wet shoes from chasing the stick “boat”
And dog shaking water out of his coat
Head back up the hill on tired, wet legs
Excitedly discover a nest with two tiny eggs

Running now to report their find
Middle brother gets into a bind
Tangled legs when dog crosses his path
Only small bumps from the crash

Through the gate but moving too fast
To close and fasten the latch
Next the garden with sprinklers still on
And to the puddles boys are drawn

Mud trek turns into mud fight
Oldest brother soon sets his sights
On seeing if his arm can heave
Mud balls as high as the house’s eaves

Now it is time to do all the chores
Dad needs help, he always wants more
Walk to the lot and grab a stick
Can’t resist giving the silage bag a prick

“Dad, I want to drive the ATV!”
“Will you please, please, let me?”
“I’ll feed the heifers their hay and corn
And look for any new calves born”

Instead everyone is called to the house
Mom noticed her lawn filled with cows
How in the world did they escape?
Dad is sure that he closed the gate

Time to go in and get ready to eat
Boys at the porch Mom does meet
Muddy clothes are not allowed
Make a pile and run for the showers

Mom sighs, because these clothes
Need treatment with the garden hose
Why are sprinklers throwing water aloft?
Must have forgotten to shut them off

Spray mud off the shirts and pants
Head to the laundry room, stat!
Three clean boys have a surprise
A vase of “flowers” meets her eyes

Dandelions, ragwort, and goatsbeard
Lots of hugs and kisses received
Supper eaten and boys head to bed
Stories of adventures fill their heads

Parents listen and tuck them in
A long day, but many grins
Start over again in the morn’
Grateful that these children were born

It’s hard to explain, but try I will
The world is so perfectly built
To see it and experience the joy
Is because of these three farm boys

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