All I Really Needed to Know, I Learned from a Cow

Coyotes might be noisy, but that makes them easy to avoid. Mountain lions on the other hand….

Chew your food well.

When you produce over 100 pounds of poop every day, someone has to spend a lot of time cleaning up after you.

Sometimes you gotta run through the grass and kick up your heels.

You are safest when you stick with the herd…

…but you get to eat in a part of the pasture with fewer cow pies when you don’t.

You may not know if that trailer is heading to a new pasture or the sale barn, but step on anyway and enjoy the ride.

Always take the high road (that way you get to drink upstream from the rest of the herd).

Lick a cat at your own risk.

Cleaning your nose with your tongue is an underappreciated talent (for good reason).

Not every person holding a bucket of corn is your friend and not everyone holding a syringe is your enemy.

There are two ways up the hill. The hard way and the easy way. You can always spot the easy way by the well-worn path.

The sweet corn patch is totally worth the trip through a 6000 volt electric fence.

Life is too short to eat thistles.

3 thoughts on “All I Really Needed to Know, I Learned from a Cow

  1. Love this post! I’m an Animal Science major and did my time with the cows, how true this all is. I especially love the sweet corn patch and electric fence reference. We may have met at one time, During my time with Oxbow Pet Products I developed a Jr. Vet Camp and we held camps at UNL and did Day on the Farm UNL Extension talks in Arlington and in Lincoln.

    Regardless, glad I ran across your blog and looking forward to reading more.

    1. Thanks! Those camps sound interesting. I don’t think I was involved in them but I love the idea of helping kids learn more about animals and animal science.

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