Top Signs It Is Spring On the Farm

I can feel the cold grip of winter loosening its hold here in northeast Nebraska. We had an extremely nice winter, but I am still happy to see spring. Below are some sure signs that spring has arrived at the farm….

#5-The cattle in the feedyard and pasture scare me because they are laying flat on their sides soaking in the sun (but it makes them look like they are dead)

This calf is just soaking up some sun in the feedyard, but made me jump because it looks just like it is dead.

#4-The cats are “fighting”

#3-I don’t think hubby put enough manure on the garden last fall and should bring a few more loads

#2- The kids won’t come in the house until dark (and they forget they have an X-box or an iPod!)

And the #1 sign that is it spring on the farm….muddy footprints on the rug, through the kitchen, down the hall, in the bathroom….

This is where the muddy boots end up after the wearer remembers they are not supposed to have them in the house....

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