The Calf and the Well Pit

Imagine, if you will, a spring weekend in Nebraska. The birds are singing, calves are playing, and this Mom had 30 hours home alone. Such was a recent weekend here on the ranch. Hubby and sons went to visit family in Minnesota. I was determined to plant the garden and someone needed to keep an eye … More The Calf and the Well Pit

Oh Christmas Tree…

The quest for the perfect Christmas tree is fairly universal. The definition of “perfect” differs from person to person. In our house you will find “straight”, “cheap”, and “big” as preferred adjectives. Each of those words comes from a different person, of course. After years of cheap trees that were crooked with bald spots, I finally put … More Oh Christmas Tree…

$@!% Farm Moms Say

The unique challenges of raising children on a farm or ranch include some strange sentences–ones that I am sure are uttered by no other women than farm moms… -You cannot show a baby raccoon at the county fair. -Take it back outside. -No really, I don’t think the extension office will add a raccoon class. Take it … More $@!% Farm Moms Say

There Is No Such Thing As Possum Zombies, Is There?

I really like animals. I do NOT like possums. They resemble rats, but aren’t nearly as cute or smart. They have a nasty temper, but are not generally dangerous. They are, however, extremely persistent and after taking up residence in your yard, refuse to leave. If they would keep their ugly faces at an agreeable … More There Is No Such Thing As Possum Zombies, Is There?