Diary of a Farm Puppy

A week ago, we adopted a puppy to replace our old dog who passed away. I was nervous about having a puppy, but she has been exceptionally good…so far. Read below to check out what she thinks of her new home.

4 p.m. Playing with Mom and sister. A strange car drives up and two people play with me. The small person puts me in the car. We start to drive. I do not like this. When I get nervous, I pass gas, lots of it.

Car stops. This is a strange new land. Lots of great stuff to sniff. Three small humans play and bring me goodies. I get my own fuzzy blanket. This is great!

9 p.m. Tired. Time for a nap. Fall asleep on fuzzy blanket.

3 or 4 a.m. Have not seen the three small humans for several hours. I miss Mom and sister. Hooooowwwwllll. Hooooowwwwlllll.

6:30 a.m. I hear movement. Maybe the small humans remember me! Hooooowwwwlllll, I’m over here! Three small (sleepy) humans come out and play. I am SO HAPPY to see them! They go back in. I watch through the patio door. When will they come out again? The humans get in the car and drive away. I watch them through the deck rails. They are leaving me! No! Hooooowwwwwllll!

8:00 a.m. So tired. Need a nap. Fall asleep with my head between the deck rails.

10 a.m. So hungry. Eat puppy chow.

11 a.m. So tired. Need a nap. Fall asleep on food dish.

4 p.m. A big yellow bus. The three small humans get out. Yeah! I am SO HAPPY to see them. They show me the sand pile….dig, dig, dig, dig.

6 p.m. So tired. Need a nap. Fall asleep on the sand pile.

7 p.m. So hungry. Eat puppy chow.

9 p.m. So tired. Need a nap. Fall asleep while chewing on fuzzy blanket.

7 a.m. Worked yesterday. Worked today. Howling brings three small, sleepy humans out to play. I am so happy to see them.

9 a.m. Bones!! Carry them one by one to the house to show all the humans. They will be so happy.

10 a.m. Cats found my puppy chow. Woof at them. They run away. This could be fun.

noon. I own these kitties. Check out the kitty food. Momma kitty does not like that. Ouch, my nose! Yiiiiiiiippppppe. Yiiiiiiiiippppppe. Large human comes out and pets me. I am so happy to see her. Where did all my bones go?

Nap. Eat. Nap. Play with small humans when they get off the bus. I am so happy to see them. Nap. Eat. Locate my bones. Fall asleep while chewing bones on my fuzzy blanket.

Afternoon rain storm. I am scared. Hoooowwwllll! The three small humans put me in the garage. They bring my puppy chow and fuzzy blanket. They did not bring my bones. Oh well, I will chew on these boots instead. Fall asleep on the pile of boots.

Have to go potty. Not sure where. This rug looks good.

Large human comes out to check on me. Steps on rug. Takes rug outside. Sets me outside and tells me to go potty. I don’t need to anymore. She lets me back inside. I am so happy to see her. The pile of boots is gone. Chew on fuzzy blanket. Very tired. Need a nap.

I get to meet the chickens today. What is a chicken? The small humans want me to follow them. I am so happy to see them.  Chickens are boring. Where are my bones? Walk far away from momma kitty. Eat. Nap. Dig in the sand pile. Nap. Eat.

Large human puts me in a pet carrier and into the car. I am so happy to see her. We drive to the vet. What is a vet? What are shots?

Saturday and Sunday
Wait for humans to come outside. Follow them around. I am happy to see them. Chew on bones.  Eat. Nap. Chew on bones. Repeat.

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