“Old Main, University of Arkansas” Photo Friday July 11, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI bought some new HDR software and wanted to try it out. While visiting the beautiful campus of the University of Arkansas, I took this shot of “Old Main”. While I am not 100% in love with the ‘fake’ appearance that turned out in this one, I do love the drama it adds. What do you think?

4 thoughts on ““Old Main, University of Arkansas” Photo Friday July 11, 2014

    1. Hi Lanie!
      I am so sorry for the slow reply. As I mentioned in a different comment on this photo, I lost my login for the site for a while and work priorities kept me from spending much time getting back in the groove of posting.
      If you are still interested, I’d be happy to figure out a way to get you a print.
      Thank you for your interest!!

  1. Hi Jill!
    I am a student at the University of Arkansas, and I found your image of Old Main online.
    I am in an Ag publishing class this semester and we are publishing a magazine for the UofA Bumpers College department.

    I was wondering if you could email me so we could discuss details further, but I would love to use this image for a design ad in the magazine.

    Emi McGhee

    1. Hi Emi!
      I’m sure my reply is coming too late, but I would be pleased if you used it.
      My apologies for the slow response. I lost my login for the site but am happily back at writing.
      Best of luck with your magazine! I loved the UArk campus. It was beautiful.

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