Flood Cleanup At the Ball Field – More Than Just Getting Ready For a Game

It has been a busy summer on the ranch. So busy, that I have not had time to sit down and write for a while.

Three sons means that June is consumed with T-ball and baseball games. Except for that one week it rained….

The ball field in our little town is located in a low-lying area. Our boys have been playing ball for 10-ish years now and this is the first time I can remember the diamond being underwater. Check out the pictures below from the flood and subsequent cleanup. The flood pictures came from hubby and several friends (used with permission–thanks Curtis, Jenny, Cory, and Christina).

Is it wrong that I was really tempted to put a palm tree on the pitcher’s mound “island” and hang out with a lawn chair and margarita?

ball field 2015 flooding view from northwest ball field flood 2015 view from grandstandOf course, a big flood means a big cleanup. Many baseball parents (and players) gave up a Sunday afternoon nap after the floodwaters receded.

nine year old power washing cement after flood receded

Above, son #3 (9 years old) commandeered the power washer to clean mud from the cement around the concession stand. We did not allow him to wash inside (fortunately, it is on slightly higher ground than the field). He was soooooo excited that we let him use the power washer he forget to angle the nozzle to keep mud from splashing back up on the siding. Sigh.

raking debris off the infield

The boys on the infield are gathering the last of the debris. In the background, you can see the last large pile of cornstalks raked out from the fenceline.

Small towns are amazing places. While they may lack for some conveniences, there is definitely an abundance of “can do” and “I will help” attitudes all around. No one hesitated or balked when the call for volunteers went out. “When?” and “What can I bring?” were the general responses.

This ball diamond will probably never produce a single major league baseball player. It has an excellent chance of producing future adults who understand the importance of community and volunteerism.

I would say that was worth missing a Sunday afternoon nap. How about you?

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