Raising Boys On a Farm

As the mother of three active boys, I am soooooo grateful to have 160 acres to let them run and endless constructive activities to keep them occupied. Boys seem to need to run or release their energy in a physical way. Trying to stop them from doing that will only lead to frustration by everyone. … More Raising Boys On a Farm

Fair Time!

This year we took on a new challenge at the county fair…bringing one of our yearling heifers to show in the breeding classes. Even though we have had cattle on the ranch from the beginning, we do not follow or raise the kind of animals that place high in the show ring. Regardless, my husband … More Fair Time!

Conspiracy Theory

Have you ever seen the Mel Gibson/Julia Roberts movie, “Conspiracy Theory”, about a paranoid man who believes there are conspiracies everywhere and that someone is out to get him? He concocts so many conspiracies, that he is eventually bound to run into a real one….and he does. As the mother of three growing farm boys, … More Conspiracy Theory