All I Really Needed to Know, I Learned from a Farm Cat

A yawn and a stretch is a great way to start each day.

Eventually, if you get hungry enough, you will eat from the same dish as the common kitties.

Curling up next to a warm car engine might seem like a good idea at the time

It is good to tackle large projects but, remember that a wild turkey can still fly with a full-grown cat on its back.

Crouching down in the grass does not make you invisible.

Birds. So tasty, yet so elusive.

June beetles. Not elusive, not tasty.

Some dogs are all bark. Some dogs are all bite. Try to figure out which is which before putting your favorite steak bone on the line.

Not all four-letter-words actually have four letters. Take “n-e-u-t-e-r” for instance.

Make sure you figure out the direction the light is moving before you pick which side of the sunny spot to nap on.

Perspective matters (Not everyone appreciates the work that goes into dragging a dead rat up to their door).

Perspective matters even more when you drag a live rat up to someone’s door.


About jheem

I grew up on a diversified dairy farm in southeast South Dakota where I learned how to throw a hay bale, pull a calf, deal with death, and "name" the cows. I was in 4H and FFA, and was privileged to serve as a state FFA officer. In college, I studied animal science, focusing on beef cows, mostly because I figured they were less work than dairy cows....I ended up with a Masters Degree in ruminant nutrition and went to work for the University of Nebraska, first as a research tech coordinating data collection for a swine unit and beef feedlot on a research farm and then as an extension educator. In my current job, I focus on environmental issues related to animal agriculture (which is a nice way of saying I talk about manure alot). My husband and I live and work on a seedstock cattle operation in northeast Nebraska. You can learn more about our cattle operation by visiting my husband's blog at
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7 Responses to All I Really Needed to Know, I Learned from a Farm Cat

  1. ndjmom says:

    Love this!! Especially the June bug, I hate June bugs myself. I have a dog that’s all bite and one that’s all bark. The puppy would probably snuggle with a cat, the Jack Russell, not so much.

    • jheem says:

      Thanks! It is always funny to watch the cats play with the June bugs (or dive-bomb bugs as my sister calls them) and then spit them out.

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