Photo Friday May 18, 2012 “Windy Day”

I have heard people tell stories about pioneers here on the Great Plains that went insane because of the wind. After a day like today, I totally understand how that can happen. Today’s photo Friday is a video of the wind blowing our trees and dust from the neighbor’s field.


About jheem

I grew up on a diversified dairy farm in southeast South Dakota where I learned how to throw a hay bale, pull a calf, deal with death, and "name" the cows. I was in 4H and FFA, and was privileged to serve as a state FFA officer. In college, I studied animal science, focusing on beef cows, mostly because I figured they were less work than dairy cows....I ended up with a Masters Degree in ruminant nutrition and went to work for the University of Nebraska, first as a research tech coordinating data collection for a swine unit and beef feedlot on a research farm and then as an extension educator. In my current job, I focus on environmental issues related to animal agriculture (which is a nice way of saying I talk about manure alot). My husband and I live and work on a seedstock cattle operation in northeast Nebraska. You can learn more about our cattle operation by visiting my husband's blog at
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3 Responses to Photo Friday May 18, 2012 “Windy Day”

  1. When it’s windy like that in Florida, I believe they call it a hurricane.

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