The Hunt for Baby Kittens

On a farm, there is no force of nature more determined than a child searching for a new litter of kittens.

Our mother cat, who is named Spitfire despite her sweet temperament, has gotten really large over the past month. A couple days ago, she showed up skinny and hungry. One son ran into the house to get his brothers and the hunt was on.

The hunt for baby kittens is usually short. They are often in the cat house (a dog house commandeered by the cats) right on our driveway. However, with a new playful puppy making the cats’ lives difficult, Spitfire looked elsewhere to hide her babies.

The reconnaissance skills displayed by the boys is remarkable. They use a variety of techniques to track the momma cat. Sometimes they follow from a distance. Sometimes they carry her to a suspected kitten hiding spot and put her down to see where she goes. They compare notes and listen for tiny meow noises near every building.

How long before they find the kittens? I am actually surprised they have not uncovered the hiding spot yet. I will post some pictures when the discovery is made.

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