Photo Friday October 19, 2012 “Circling to Land”

A few weeks ago, hubby and I visited southeast Alaska. When our plane approached for a landing, the runway was too foggy so our pilot had to pull up, circle and approach from a different direction. This photo was taken on that 15 minute circle. We were treated to Alaskan mountains, clouds, fog, and open water….at sunrise to boot! I normally giggle when people start to take pictures from airplane windows, but even I could not help myself on this particular morning.

The previous night, we missed our connection into Alaska and were crabby,tired, and stressed. We learned a lesson. Everything works out as it should….if we had flown in the night before, we would have missed this beautiful view and the opportunity to marvel at God’s creation. This 15 minutes set the tone for a very amazing vacation.

a view of clouds straddling the top of a mountain peak near open water while our plane circled to land in Juneau, alaska. Photo taken at sunrise.

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