You Might Be a Farm Wife If (Take 2)…

After I posted “You Might Be a Farm Wife If….” I got so many great comments and feedback, I had to create another post.

You might be a farm wife if….

  • The veterinarian is on your speed dial ahead of all food delivery/takeout places.
  • Husband asks what you are doing today and you know he is not asking for a date (from Amy).
  • You know what a “zerk” is [Go ahead, Google it, I will wait 🙂 ]OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  • Your children were embarrassed when you picked them up from school in ‘barn clothes’. (from Savvy Farm Girl)
  • You were considered marriage material when you pulled pigs instead of making the movie on a date. (from Judi)
  • You can kill a possum with a shovel or a pitchfork (future post alert)….
  • ….and have requested shooting lessons from hubby for future possum encounters
  • Any vacation involves at least one cruise through an implement dealership lot! (from Jennifer)
  • If you have ever had the “bull and cow” talk with you’re children instead of the “birds and bees”! (from Karin)
  • Your house went absolutely silent when the Paul Harvey “God Made a Farmer” commercial came on during the Superbowl.
  • Getting covered in mud is not part of a relaxing spa retreat. (from Kelly)
  • You actually need the four-wheel drive on your SUV.

6 thoughts on “You Might Be a Farm Wife If (Take 2)…

  1. I love this! I grew up on a small farm in rural Missouri, my dad used to pick me up in the dirtiest truck and clothes covered in grease… I was so embarrassed. I am however still working on my pitchfork skills 😉

    1. I can relate. My dad’s pickup required a 55 gallon barrel whenever he finally decided it was time to clean it. And that was just the cab….

  2. As the daughter of a farmer, this resonates with me. I can also remember being embarrassed when my father picked me up wearing grease covered (or manure stained) clothes. That said, i feel incredibly fortunate to have grown up on a farm, and have many wonderful memories.

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